About Powercondens

Specialist for condensate treatment


As an owner-managed family business, Powercondens has been supplying heating manufacturers, installers and service partners with innovative and reliable products for over 20 years. What emerged in 1995 from a cooperation project with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH) is now one of the market leaders for condensate treatment from heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

We are convinced of what we do. Quality and innovation characterise our products - respect and fairness our relationships.


Kalim Ghulam
Owner & Managing Director, Powercondens



Together with our customers, we develop better solutions for treating condensate from condensing units.          


Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, tested on our own test bench: Our products deliver what we promise.



For more than 20 years, we have been delivering reliably to partners in the heating industry. We are directly accessible, act quickly and flexibly.


We think and act with consideration and responsibility towards our environment and the next generation(s).


ISO Certification

Powercondens is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001.

We manage and improve the quality of our processes and products systematically and continuously (ISO 9001). In addition, we achieve continuous improvement of our environmental performance through our environmental management system (ISO 14001). ISO certificate INT and ISO certificate CH.


We are committed to clean condensate - on several levels. We are members of the following associations:




We have been dealing with condensate for over 25 years:


1995 Cooperation project with ETH Zurich: Development of exhaust gas heat exchanger P-con
1999 Foundation of Powercondens AG by Reto Schmid
2006 Lukas Kessler takes over the management of the company due to the unexpected death of Reto Schmid.
2008 Market launch of flue gas heat exchanger PC-ST
2010 Entry neutralisation with the neutralisation NB

Kalim Ghulam joins the management team

Powercondens becomes market leader in the treatment of condensate

2013 Market launch of MX flue gas heat exchanger
2015 Entry condensate siphon with the bottle siphon
2016 Condensate pump entry with the KP 50

Powercondens turns 20 and appears in a "new dress"

2020 Entry air conditioning / ventilation with Climacondens®