For the independent cleaning of condensate pumps in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning units.


The condensate pump cleaner Cleancondens® independently removes stubborn deposits in condensate pumps of heating and air conditioning units and achieves highly effective efficiency. By using Cleancondens®, the units achieve up to 10 years longer service life.



Kondensatpumpenreiniger Cleancondens® von Powercondens

Your benefits at a glance

Sophisticated technology

Cleancondens® is 100% biodegradable. It complies with the RoHS and REACH directives. It is not a hazardous material (transport) and does not destroy materials such as aluminium or steel.

Easy handling

Thanks to the 2-litre bag logistics and transport are carried out without any problems. Filling Cleancondens® into the condensate pump is also easy and possible without dismantling the pump.

High comfort

Cleancondens® works independently and can be used for all condensate pumps (heating and air conditioning) . The 10 - 15 minute exposure time can also be used for other service work.

Great effect

Regular use of the cleaning agent can prevent inconveniences such as breakdowns, faults, defective condensate pumps, boiler room under water, directional work, etc.